Talend - Data Integration Suite

Ever needed to get data from all over the place and then to distribute that data into another type of database or create a report in excel from that data and email it to your customers. Then look no further, We have been using talend to grab information for our order processing systems and then send out purchase order requests to many suppliers in whatever format they require.

Disperate Systems

No not desparate, disperate.. This is the terminology used when we have data stored in many locations and the data may be in different formats. To grab the data and bring it together to create one single sort of data is called Data Integration. It's what talend was created for, I myself have seend DI(Data Integration) packages such as Oracle Data Warehouse, Business Objects that run in 100's of thousands of pounds. Well talend is cheaper than that...it's free.

Talend Design Service

Using talend we can create a solution to almost any problem that you could imagine. It use lies in grabbing data, tranforming and then distributing it, wether it's a mysql, access, oracle or simple CSV file. We can create the scripts through talend and then deploy it to the relevant server to run via a scheduled task. For example you may want to send any previous days orders to your supplier at 7am each morning.